I am a first-year PhD student in the mathematics department at UC Berkeley. Here is my CV. My current research interests include graph theory, combinatorics, and commutative algebra.

I have received my bachelor's degree with high honors in mathematics from Wesleyan University where I was advised by Karen Collins. My undergraduate thesis titled "Combinatorial Nullstellensatz: Various Proofs, Extensions and Applications" can be found here. I also worked as a research fellow with Cameron Hill right after I completed my degree.

I grew up in Saint Petersburg, a beautiful city in Russia.

Outside of academics, I enjoy writing creative non-fiction and poetry. I also like traveling and exploring the world. I am a herbivore and an animal rights supporter.

You can reach me by email at yulia@math.berkeley.edu.


Fall 2019:
I start graduate school at Berkeley!

Summer 2019:
In June-July 2019, I visit the Bernd Sturmfels' non-linear algebra research group at MPI MiS (the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences) in Leipzig, Germany.